Circular Solutions for Agricultural Innovation

What we do

thinkchain. empowers entrepreneurs and professionals to innovate agricultural businesses by sharing knowledge about sustainable solutions.

Circular Economy

In a circular economy, all natural resources and materials are managed in a way that it adds the highest value to the economy while minimizing pollution and having the least environmental pressure on the planet.

At thinkchain. we encourage entrepreneurs and professionals to apply principles of a circular economy to ensure sustainable development.

We believe in collaboration with experts from different disciplines and have a wide network of professoinals to tap into when needed.

Vertical Farming

Vertical farming enables the possibility to produce food in high-density areas while having shorter growing cycles and higher yields. It gives farmers and communities the possibility to grow local and healthy food without the use of pesticide, 90% less use of water and year-round supply.

Incorporating circular economy principles in Vertical farming will make food systems less vulnerable to developments related to growing urbanisation, decreasing farmland, scarcity of fresh water and climate change.


thinkchain. offers interactive workshops in small groups that help entrepreneurs and professionals to develop circular vertical farming systems.

Participants will learn about the basic principles of a circular economy and vertical farming. After the workshop, the participants will have insights into how to develop a sustainable business case for circular vertical farming.

General Workshop outline

Introduction (30 min)

Circular Economy & Vertical Farming (1 hour)

Break ( 30 min to 1 hour )

Roadmap to sustainable solutions (1 hour)

Introduction business case circular vertical farming ( 1 hour )

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